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News: The Trojans Counterattack!
Posted on 11-05-2021 at 4:32:53 PM | By osiris

The Trojans are staging a counterattack! On the morning before the battle, the devout Trojans made a sacrifice on their War Altar to Zeus, and soon the battle commences. Led by man-killing Hector and his brother Paris, the Trojans wade into battle. Swift Trojan chariots driven by powerful heroes in heavy 'dendra' armor thunder across the dusty plain. The Trojan Seer has foreseen that today's fight will end in victory, but not without cost... the Tragic Hero is doomed to lose his life to win the day!

The Trojan Wave 2 is now available! Included in this release are the following miniatures:

Hector, Prince of Troy
Paris, Prince of Troy
Tragic Hero
Trojan Seer & Temple Guards
Trojan Chariot
Trojan War Altar

Check them all out HERE.


We’re painting miniatures for “WarGods of Olympus” during the month of October. Join us and get a Limited Edition "Priestess of Eris” event miniature!

How to participate: If you are not already a member, join the WarGods community Facebook group:

1. On the pinned Olympus October event thread, introduce yourself and post a photograph of what you’ll be painting. It can be a character, unit, or monster, but it must be a Crocodile Games miniature from our WarGods of Olympus range. The photo must be unpainted to start with, but primed is OK. 2. Be sure to use the hashtag #OlympusOctober on your post. 3. You must post at least 1 update during the month, showing your progress. Be supportive of your fellow Olympians! 4. Fully paint your miniatures to the best of your ability, and post a completed photo by midnight on October 31st.

At the end, all participants who complete the challenge will receive a code redeemable in the Croc Store to add a Priestess of Eris miniature to any order over $10. One miniature per participant please. This is not a contest - let’s just have fun painting some minis, and get ready to battle in the coming year!

*The "Priestess of Eris" was planned as the event miniature for the year of 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down our convention plans, and she was only available at a single event. We’re making her available to everyone online, and her miniature will play an important role in our campaign games planned for 2022. Join the forces of evil and add Eris to your warband - or fight for good and keep the Goddess of Discord safely locked away in your miniature case!

News: Spartans Don’t Fight Fair
Posted on 04-02-2021 at 9:14:54 AM | By osiris
The Spartan Kryptes

Is your Spartan warband properly equipped to defeat your enemy? To be sure, you have hoplites and peltasts to spare, but is that enough? I'm going to let you in on a little secret - we Spartans do not win our battles by spear and shield alone. A poisoned camp water-supply, enemy messengers never arriving, an opposing commander with a throat cut on the eve of the battle -- these are the works of the mysterious Spartan Kryptes, the Silent Knives!

The Spartan Kryptes is a formidable addition to any Spartan force. Sculpted by Todd Harris, this 28mm assassin is a single piece and cast in lead-free pewter.

Available now from Crocodile Games –

Kryptes store listing

To read the rules for the Spartan Kryptes, click on this link to download a PDF of their page from the WarGods of Olympus rulebook:

Spartan Kryptes

News: Warband Art Prints Special
Posted on 11-20-2020 at 8:29:24 AM | By osiris
Warband Art Prints 2

At Croc Games, we love awesome art. ( We're a company founded by an artist after all!). So we've made some of our best art into high-quality prints, featuring paintings by Des Hanley, John Wigley, and Paul Jeacock. The prints are all roughly 8x11", and suitable to hang on your wall or adorn the folder where you keep your army lists!

We'll be including an art print with every Warband deal purchased through the Cro web store. So, if you buy a Sebeki Warband Deal, you'll also get a Sebeki art print, Amazons get an Amazon art print, and so on.

Deals that include an art print are:
WGO-901 - Spartan Warband Starter Deal (art by Des Haney)
WGO-902 - Mycenaean Warband Starter Set (art by John Wigley)
WGO-903 - Trojan Warband Starter Set (art by Paul Jeacock)
WGO-904 - Amazon Warband Starter Set (art by Paul Jeacock)
WGO-905 - Athenian Warband Starter Set (art by Paul Jeacock)
WGO-906 - Corinthian Warband Starter Set (art by Paul Jeacock)
WGO-950 - Athens Warband Deal (art by Paul Jeacock)
WGH-901 - Wendigo Raiding Party (art by Des Haney)
WGE-901 - Basti 'Catnip' Warband Deal (art by Des Haney)
WGE-902 - Asar 'Dispossessed' Warband Deal (art by John Wigley)
WGE-903 - Mummy 'Nightmare Lords' Deal (art by John Wigley)
WGE-904 - Basti Skirmisher Warband Deal (art by Des Haney)
WGE-905 - Heru Avengers Warband Starter Set (art by Des Haney)
WGE-906 - Sebeki Deal Starter Set (art by Des Haney)
WGE-907 - Warhawks Warband Starter Set (art by Des Haney)
WGE-908 - Tethru Warband Starter Set (art by Des Haney)
WGE-909 - Typhon Warband Starter Set (art by Des Haney)
WGE-911 - Khemru Warband Starter Set (art by John Wigley)

While supplies last - if we run our of a specific art print, we may substitute another, as needed.

Note on overseas shipping: because these prints are 8x11, some shipping options require packing them into a box that is smaller than the print. This may require the print to be folded in order to fit into the box. (However, if your order includes a book, you can be assured it will not be folded, as the book box is large enogh for the full print.).

All USA shipping will be shipped flat and unfolded.
Warband Art Prints 1

News: Unleash the Harpies!
Posted on 10-16-2020 at 4:25:55 AM | By osiris
Unleash the Harpies! Illustration by John Wigley.

The Harpies are available now, in the CROC STORE!

Once the servants of the gods of Olympus, the Harpies are now twisted and evil, craving the taste of human flesh. They have joined the warbands of the monstrous Titans in their war against mankind, snatching warriors from their ranks and dropping them from great heights to die upon the rocky ground!

Halloween Bonus: For each Harpy unit ordered by October 31, we'll include a free Hoplite casualty miniature! You can request a specific City-state casualty to feed to your Harpies by adding your preference to the 'Comments/Requests' field during checkout - or leave it blank, and we'll choose who's on the menu for you!

The Harpies were sculpted by Todd Harris, based on concept art by Des Hanley. The display models were painted and photographed by Felicity FitzPatrick.

Halloween special

News: Warband of Athens, now available!
Posted on 08-06-2020 at 3:5:32 AM | By osiris

The new range of miniatures for Athens is available now, in the CROC STORE!

The warriors of Athens are citizen soldiers: laborers, tradesmen, and nobles, all equals under Athenian law. Long ago, the Athenians overthrew the tyrants that ruled their city and swore never to submit to another; now they rule themselves by common consensus, something they call democracy. Athens maintains a powerful navy, sailing to distant colonies and remote islands, often coming into conflict with the Spartans, who resent the spread of liberty that their emissaries bring.

The Athens miniatures were sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick, based on concept art by Des Hanley. Athens color painting by Paul Jeacock. The display models were painted and photographed by Felicity FitzPatrick.

The new Athens range contains the following packs:
WGO-905 Athenian Warband Starter Set - $74.95
WGO-127 Athenian Captain, with Casualty - $8.95
WGO-128 Athenian Hero, with Armor Rack - $8.95
WGO-319a Athenian Hoplite Unit - Companions of Theseus (12) - $39.95
WGO-319b Athenian Hoplite Unit - Chosen of Nike (12) - $39.95
WGO-319c Athenian Hoplite Unit - Poseidon's Faithful (12) - $39.95
WGO-320 Athenian Peltast Unit (10) - $35.95
WGO-321 Athenian Archer Unit (10) - $35.95

Want to know more about Athens in the WarGods world? Check out this excerpt from the WarGods of Olympus rulebook, with rules and background for Athenian warbands: Download PDF.

News: Spartans beware! The Athenians are coming!
Posted on 07-23-2020 at 12:58:46 AM | By osiris
Athenian Warband, art by Paul Jeacock

The Athenian Army is on the move - their triremes have set sail from the port of Piraeus and are due to make landfall on August 1, Poseidon willing!

The Croc crew are at the oars, busy casting hundreds of warriors, peltasts, and archers, to join your forces. We've set up a pre-order deal for players who want us to ship a complete warband on the first day, available HERE. This will include an alternate variant of the Athenian Hero with a double-crested helmet (also available for a limited time for Athens players who already have their warbands!) Stay tuned for pictures, coming soon!

Rumor has it that Fitz is sculpting even MORE Athenians, including a chariot and philosopher. Now is a great time to join the forces of democracy!

News: The Typhon Archer returns!
Posted on 07-18-2020 at 1:18:45 PM | By osiris
Typhon Archer

The Typhon Archer miniature is back in the Croc store!

Back when we started WarGods, Fitz sculpted a few test models of each of the Aegyptus races for playtesting and promoting the game. Once the game was in production, most of these models were expanded with additional poses and command - but a few slipped through the cracks. Several customers have been asking for us to bring back the Typhon archer model, but the mold was lost for many years... but good news! It has at last been found!

We're now made the model available again, both individually and in groups of 10 at the discounted unit price.

Typhon Archer

Typhon Archer unit

News: Minotaurs & Amazon Archers - back in stock!
Posted on 06-28-2020 at 8:6:45 AM | By osiris

Amazon Archer Unit

For our players who have been waiting for the return of the Minotaurs and Amazon Archer Units - Good news... they are back in stock!

We had to retire these minis late last year, as the molds had worn out. We've now had them remolded, so the minis look better than ever!

You can get yours in the Croc Store:


Amazons: AMAZONS

News: Icons & Artifacts restock
Posted on 04-24-2020 at 11:29:39 PM | By osiris
The Icons & Artifacts are back!

Our master Artifex gotten a new shipment of metal, and he's been casting up a few of our popular "Icons & Artifacts" miniatures that have been out-of-stock for a while. This range is an assortment of small treasures, objectives, and bits to customize your miniatures and their bases! The items restocked include the Sacred Ibis, Eagle, Anubi Sarcophagus, Auxiliary Weapon Sprue, and more!

Check them all out here:


Icons & Artifacts

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